March 28, 2013

Insta-Lucy at 10 Months (plus a few days)

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March 18, 2013


Enjoy this terrific, boozy recommendation from my wonderful hubby:


To prepare your palate for a night of drier liquids, such as wine, say Farewell to the 20's to wet your whistle and whet your appetite.  This frothy beverage, which I enjoyed at Mintwood Place while welcoming home a friend, was picked off of the menu because I wanted to roar.  Cocktails reached their heyday in the 20's and I reached mine just before dinner.

Farewell to the 20's Recipe
Atlantico Platino Rum, Aperol, Lime, House-made Fall Spice Bitters, and Organe Syrup.

Farewell to the 20's
Atlantico Platino Rum, Aperol, Lime, House Made Fall Spice Bitters and Orange Syrup


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March 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Harbor Love!

On my first post on March 9, 2012 I had just finished the nursery and Lucy had not yet arrived!

Now the nursery is full of Lucy's toys and clothes, not to mention our cruising little pile of joy!

Thank you for reading this last year and for many posts in the future!

PS... Fingers crossed, I will get back on track with my usual schedule of 5 posts a week soon!
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March 5, 2013

Coincidental Coordination

Lucy and I accidentally wore coordinating outfits over the weekend. I was at a fantastic shower brunch with my besties at this gorgeous restaurant in the West Villge, and Lucy and her Daddy were playing with friends in Hoboken. That morning, I dressed her the world's cutest skinny jeans and an adorable little sweater with a onesie underneath. When we arrived back from brunch, Lucy had gotten a bit hot so Patton took off her sweater and her leopard onesie matched my leopard pants. 

My friends all thought it was cute, but I am not sure... 
coordinating Mommy/baby outfits... 
do or don't?

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