March 18, 2013


Enjoy this terrific, boozy recommendation from my wonderful hubby:


To prepare your palate for a night of drier liquids, such as wine, say Farewell to the 20's to wet your whistle and whet your appetite.  This frothy beverage, which I enjoyed at Mintwood Place while welcoming home a friend, was picked off of the menu because I wanted to roar.  Cocktails reached their heyday in the 20's and I reached mine just before dinner.

Farewell to the 20's Recipe
Atlantico Platino Rum, Aperol, Lime, House-made Fall Spice Bitters, and Organe Syrup.

Farewell to the 20's
Atlantico Platino Rum, Aperol, Lime, House Made Fall Spice Bitters and Orange Syrup


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