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Patton and I are both pretty big Tim Burton fans... particularly his animated movies. They are the perfect combination of sweet and spooky, and they always have such great soundtracks.

"Frankenweenie" comes out this Friday, and I can't wait to see it. It looks like just the movie to put me in the mood for Halloween.

Here are some whimsically weird Tim Burton inspired items from around the web:

Tim Burton Playing CardsTreble Clef Dinner Fork, Set of 4Leg Avenue 7107 - Black and Silver Lurex <em>Striped Tights</em> - Black ...Chilly Dog Black Skull Dog SweaterThe Nightmare Before Christmas by andonismoushisImage 1 of ASOS Star Front Sweater

And here are three Burton-esque cocktails from the Queen of Halloween, Martha Stewart...

halloween cocktail
Martha Stewart Drink Recipe

2 ounces black vodka
2 ounces creme de cacao or coffee-flavored liqueur
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Pinch of finely grated nutmeg, for garnish

In a glass, combine vodka and creme de cacao, and set aside. Place a scoop of ice cream in a highball glass, and slowly pour vodka mixture over ice cream. Garnish with nutmeg; serve immediately.

Serves 1
1/4 cup ice
1/2 cup freshly squeezed tangerine juice
1 1/2 ounces black vodka
1 black licorice twist, for serving

Place ice in a tall glass. Pour juice into glass. Pour vodka over the back of a cocktail spoon into glass so it sits on top of juice and creates a layer of black. Slice 1/4 inch off each end of licorice, and use as a straw. Serve immediately.

Serves 1
1 cup ice
1 ounce black vodka
2 ounces cherry juice
Fresh raspberries and blueberries, for garnish

Combine ice, vodka, and cherry juice in a cocktail shaker; shake vigorously. Pour into a martini glass. Thread raspberries and blueberries onto a cocktail skewer, and place in drink. Serve immediately.

Catch Your Own Smoke

Here's the long awaited second post by my wonderful and handsome husband, Patton, who also happens to be a bit of a Mexican liquor connoisseur...

I TOTALLY had this poster on my bedroom wall in 7th grade

If tequila were Brandon Walsh, mezcal is Dylan McKay.  Mexico’s simmering and smoky, yet more confident, relaxing second liquor.  Prominent in Oaxaca, a heartland of indigenous culture in Mexico, mezcal still comes with a worm.

A good friend introduced me to mezcal’s thoroughly placid and blurry effect after traveling to Oaxaca for private evenings with special bottles.    It is a nice change from the impatient climb of sweeter liquors.

This is EXACTLY what Dylan would have drank after a long day surfing in Baja, had he not been a recovered alcoholic by sophomore year of high school.

Pink Flamingos

pink flamingo By Georg Scharf

I love flamingos. They are so decadently pink and strangely beautiful that they look like something out of a storybook and don't seem like they should actually exist in real life. 

Here's a Pink Flamingo inspired outfit 

 Flamingo Crystal Pave Animal Stretch Adjustable Fashion Ring Gold Fuchsia Pink

and a cocktail of the same name.

The Pink Flamingo

pink flamingo..

Mix 1.5 ounces of Vodka, 1.5 ounces of Cointreau, and Orange Juice with a dash of Sloe Gin. Shake it all up and pour into an iced filled glass garnished with a long lime twist.
Then stand on one foot like a flamingo and sip it in the sun.

Nothing But Blue Skies

blue lace / blue sky

The perfect outfit for a clear blue sky day.....

Peacock Feathers in Blue clutch - white with blue and turquoise peacock feathers - Bridal - silver metal frame clutchantigua skies lace dressLondon Stiletto
christmasinjuly Sale Aquamarine Ring - Swarovski Crystal Rectangular Blue Cocktail Ring- Sterling Silver Plated, Handmade, Statement Ring, Cara Accessories 'Tropical Flower' Hair Clip

 Clutch  $29/ Dress $44 / Heels $29 / Cocktail Ring $20 / Hair Clip $36  

... and the perfect cocktail to match.

Horizon Blue Sky

1 oz. SKYY Infusions Citrus
1 oz. Blue Curacao
1 oz. lime juice
1 oz. triple sec

Pour all ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass

Nothing but blue skies from now on.

Boat Drinks

bathing beauty!

In addition to operating the wonderfully convenient water taxi between National Harbor and Old Town Alexandria, Potomac Riverboat Company has a number of fun river cruises including Monument Sightseeing tours, boat rides to the baseball stadium, and pirate cruises. 

Hopefully, Patton, Lucy and I (and maybe even Goalie if we decide to take one of the dog friendly tours) will get a chance to branch out beyond the water taxi this summer and take a nice boat ride along the Potomac.

Perfect Outfit:

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Perfect Coconut Cocktail
Lime and Coconut Cocktail
Lime and Coconut Cocktail
2 Oz of Coconut Rum
2 Oz of Lime Juice
1 Oz Coco Lopez
1/2 a Lime
Splash of Sprite

Add all ingredients to a blender along with one glass of ice and blend until smooth
Garnish with a Lime Wedge and Start Drinking!

Tray Tres Chic

lounging poolside

It's just about pool season and I am really looking forward to spending some time on my building's rooftop pool sipping something refreshing and soaking up the sun.

Here's a selection of chic and cheap trays perfect for placing your cocktails while enjoying a quick dip in the water or some light and entertaining reading:

Bamboo TrayBÄRBAR Tray IKEAFormatTankTrayF9Beachcomber TrayRoom ViewJohn Derian Show Dogs, BichonPersonalized Melamine Platter/Tray

Shop Trays Here:

Perfect Poolside Drink Recipe:

Santo Libre

Add 2 oz of White Rum and the juice of one lime to a glass (I like ice in mine)
Fill remainder of glass with Sprite
Garnish with a lime wheel

Bubbly and Refreshing!

Some Fun and Funny Poolside Reading (short stories and essays for summer attention spans):


Last week I rewatched the quirky comedy, Ceremony, written and directed by Max Winkler (the Fonz's son!). I liked it even more than the first time I watched it and definitely appreciated the amount of effort that went into the styling of the set and the development of the silly, unique, pretentious but lovable characters.

dessert? table with floral garland swag under lanterns hanging from tree at dusk
Rehearsal Dinner

The story centers around the wedding weekend of a beautiful woman and the young man who crashes the party at a private beach front inn hoping to convince her that she is marrying the wrong man.

I love all the organized activities (arts and crafts, three legged paper chases, late night costume parties) that happen throughout the wedding weekend. It's like a weekend of summer camp only with lots more to drink and chic outfits, and makes the perfect backdrop to the unrequited love story of the romantic (to the point of stupidity) Sam and  the ambivalent Zoe.

And the sound track (that Jacque Du Tronc song is sooooo good) is perfection.

Check out some fun items inspired by this stylish comedy.

Rabbit Leather Mask, Adult Size - Made to Order
Fitzgerald Cotton <em>Corduroy</em> 1818 <em>Suit</em>Native American War Bonnet Feather Headdress, Reproductionproduct imageNew York <em>Pearls</em> White FW <em>Pearl</em> 100-inch Endless <em>Necklace</em> (5-10 mm)

Cermonial Shopping Sources:

animal mask / corduroy suit / feather headdress / tiara  / long pearl necklace / champagne dress

And a Ceremony worthy cocktail recipe :

Ginger Lime Rickey

Ginger Lime Rickey Recipe

Fill and tumbler half way with ice
Add 2 shots of gin (I like Hendrick's best)
Fill Rest of Glass with Ginger Ale (the spicier the better)
Add a dash of bitters and squeeze in the juice of half a lime in.
Garnish with a lime wheel and sip away

The Offshore Pirate

#vogue #1950 #tom #palumbo #photography #editorial #fashion #swim #swimwear #vintage

The Offshore Pirate, by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorite stories ever. I've read it at least a dozen times and love it more with every reading. The bratty but chic Ardita, charming and handsome Curtis Carlyle, lovable Babe and the musical crew of the Hula-Hula, the romance and the humor... It's the perfect read to get you ready for summer. Here are some fun things inspired by this terrific tale.

image enlargement
Image of Sweetheart SunglassesBoys' <em>Nantucket</em> Knotworks™ Turk's Head rope <em>bracelet</em>Sterling Silver Sand Dollar and Scottish Sea Glass Necklace ....... DRIFT AWAYBenefit Cosmetics sun beam
Shop Here:

And something incredibly refreshing to sip on while you read:

Claro con Limon:

Fill Old Bay Rimmed Glass with Ice
Add about 1 can of Light Beer
Pour in 3 oz of Lemonade
Squeeze in the Juice of Half a Lemon
Add a Lemon Wheel to the Rim and Enjoy!

summer shandy beer cocktail

Beer from Antiquity

My hubby, Patton, has become an enthusiastic sampler of craft beers over the past few years and this is the first in a series of posts about his favorites. We are super lucky to have a fantastic grocery, Potomac Gourmet Market,  in National Harbor, so he gets to try and review exciting new beers as often as he likes.

Dogfish Head Brewery: Midas Touch 

Cancel your plans. Glug, glug, glug.

When the 2,700 year old tomb of this nectar’s presumed namesake was uncovered in Turkey, archaeologists discovered ornate banquet tables, chairs, the sweet and aromatic beverage featured here, and no texts whatsoever.  As people have done since the beginning, put aside your distractions and sit with your friends, this is the perfect beer for a simple night of familiar stories and raucous laughter that grow louder as the night goes on.  Don’t pair this strong ancient ale with anything out of a package.  Herald its past and pour this gold into a glass.  This is no myth.

Regularly purchased by the author at the National Harbor Potomac Gourmet Market.

Welcome Back, Don Draper...

Sunday nights just haven't been right without you. 

Season 5 of Madmen premieres on AMC tonight at 9 pm so fix one of these and get comfy on the couch.


Life is going to be really, really cool again.

 More Madmen fun:

Draping is the new planking
What Would Joan Holloway Do?
What Would Joan Holloway Wear?
Could Sally Draper be any more adorable?
Which Mad Man are you?

Hair of the Dog

Feeling like Goalie looks this day after St. Paddy's?
How about a little hair of the dog to shake that Sunday hang over...

Yum! Bloody Mary 
Spicy Bloody Mary 

For some reason, this is a completely acceptable beverage any time of day... no raised eyebrows if you have 3 or 4 of these babies before noon. The tomato juice is full of all kinds of vitamins and the vodka chases all your pain away.

There's really no wrong way to make a Bloody Mary, but here's how I like mine:

Rim Pint Glass with Old Bay
Fill Glass halfway with Ice
2 shots of Vodka
Fill glass almost to top with Zing Zang Mix
and then add:
Pinch of horseradish
Dash of Tabasco
Pinch of Sea Salt
Sprinkle of Black Pepper
Dash of Pickle Brine
Dash of Olive Brine
and stir it all up

Garnish with Celery, lime, olives, lemon, cherry tomato, pickle spear, jumbo shrimp, bacon, whatever you want... the sky's the limit! Another thing I totally love about Bloody Mary's is that you can get away with putting an entire meal's worth of food in your glass and no one looks at you funny!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!


Hope you all have a great a great St. Paddy's Day and please have a green beer on my behalf!

Since I am very pregnant and the traditional St. Patrick's day custom of going from bar to bar drinking Jameson and too much beer are out, I think I will celebrate with a box of Lucky Charm's and an Ed Burn's movie marathon today.

Ed Burns 
Not a bad backup plan.

Also, Check out this super fun, extremely talented Irish band, Gaelic Storm.

Listen to a few of my favorite GS songs here:

Some fun Irish stuff for you, the house, the little ones and your pup!

 Lucky Charms, Shamrock/ Four-Leaf Clover Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Green Pearl Necklace LUCKY YOU by E. Ria DesignsMen's Traditional Irish Aran SweaterIrish linen shirt"Lucky" Keychain with Tassel
St Patricks Irish Baby Hat Newborn Infant Emerald Green Pixie POLKA DOT Hand Knit Hat Photo Prop Sailors Knot Solid Collar

Get Lucky Here:

Bubbles @ Breakfast

Last spring my husband and I hosted a group of friends for a pre-Food and Wine Festival champagne brunch...

We served scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and dill on crostini, mixed berries and homemade pop tarts from a delicious recipe I found on Cupcakes and Cashmere  

My pop tarts weren't quite as pretty as Emily's but they were certainly delish!

I made half the tarts with granny smith apples and honey, and the other half with Nutella and bananas

Everyone just grabbed cocktail plates and forks and helped themselves. 

The best part, of course, was the champagne bar that we set up on our  bar shelf... we had plenty of bubbly, and a yummy selection of juice mixers... like orange-peach-mango juice, lemonade, and blueberry-pomegranite juice, and bowls of fruit garnish... sliced peaches, strawberries and blueberries. 

It definitely got our fantastic day at the National Harbor Food and Wine Festival started out right.

You can buy tickets for this year's Food and Wine Festival here:

Throw your own Bubbly Brunch!

The Necessities.... Bubbly, fun flutes, cute bowls for berry garnishes, snack plates for those yummy tarts, beaded cocktail forks and chic faux gator studded coasters

  Square Sculpted Dish

Tinge Turquoise Appetizer Plate Shimmering Sea glass blue copper cocktail forks for your best pals soiree

Veuve Clicquot / Flutes / Bowl  / Snack Plates / Cocktail Forks / Coasters 

The Look... dressed up pajamas with whimsical accessories and classic ballet slippers

rachel roy bird print pants imageFeather Necklace, Black Leather Feather Jewelry, "RAVEN" Statement Necklace by LoveatfirstblushAnthro

 Hanky Panky Retro Lace BraletteProfessional Canvas Ballet Shoe  Bridesmaid Wedding Set of 3 Nautical Silk cord White and Black Bracelet with sailor knot by pardes

Bird Pants / Necklace / Cardigan / Earrings /  Bralette / Tank / Ballet Slippers / Bracelet Pin It Now!


  1. Gaelic Storm is awesome...we had so much fun at the concert you and Patton took us to a few weeks ago..I can't wait to see them again!!!
    Super cute picture of Ed Burns!!! Bloody Mary's are my fav cocktail...this page is fabulous Mandy!! :)

    1. Thanks, Mom! You're the best! xoxo, Mandy


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