Wagging Tails

Puppy Love

Lucy + Goalie = Puppy Love

Something to Smile About

You are somebody's reason to smile.

I'm a Good Dog ... Can I Have a Treat?

So, the King of Cute lays this look on me at least five times a day. 

It always works.

Lately, it gets him one of these.

Beneful® Baked Delights™ Snackers™

Bailey, Lyla, Goalie

A Girl's Best Friend

Lucy and Goalie are becoming total besties. She is always reaching out to pet him now and he spends as long as I will let him licking her little face. They are so gentle and sweet with each other it melts my heart.

Goalie Gotta Haircut

Kid Flip It

When we give Goalie treats (which is often) he usually launches into what Patton likes to call the "Kid Flip It" routine. This involves Goalie flipping the treat high in the air with his little black nose, sprinting to wherever it lands and then rolling around on his back on top of the treat in total jubilation. He repeats this joyous ritual for about five minutes and then chows down on his treat.  It is completely adorable and admirable how he celebrates such a small thing with complete, unadulterated happiness.

No Secrets

Something so great about dogs... it is so easy to have no secrets from your dog, and of course, they have no secrets from you. You can do or say anything in front of your dog, completely uncensored, and you know the won't judge you ... Very refreshing.

The Nappers

Side by Side

Three Dogs

G and Some Small Shoes

Lyla Lovie

Goalie's favorite playmate... Lyla.


Bailey... my parents hilarious and gorgeous Cocker Spaniel .. otherwise known as Goalie's "Uncle Baby"

Spotted Dog in his Favorite Spot


Snuggled In

Cocoa - Adopt Me!

This little angel needs a loving home! 

Cocoa is a sweet and adorable female Havanese puppy who was born in February, 2012  and is currently being fostered in the Washington, DC area but is looking for a permanent home. She is up to date on her shots and comes with complete medical records, a carrying case, and crate.

Since Goalie is half Havanese, I consider myself a bit of an expert on the breed (Patton and I did a ton of research before we got Goalie seven years ago). Here's an extremely accurate description of the Havanese personality, health profile and needs.

Havanese dogs are wonderful, small (8-17 lbs) companion dogs. They are extremely playful, highly entertaining, people pleasing, very intelligent, and loving dogs. Havanese are fairly easy to train and have a laid back, easy going demeanor.

Like all companion breeds, Havanese require

lots of time and love with their family/owner.

They are wonderful with children and like the company of other animals. They are extremely adaptable to whatever level of activity their owner likes... they can go on jogs and a few long walks each day if you are a fitness junkie, and are just as happy snuggling up next to you and chilling out if you are more of a couch potato. They do well in apartments, or a house with a nice sized yard. They also LOVE to swim. They generally live 14 - 17 years and are a fairly healthy breed.

If you are interested in adopting this sweetie and feel like you have the time and energy to commit to Cocoa, please contact me and I will be happy to provide you with adoption details.

Fluffy Face

Furry Friends

Spots on Stripes

Angel Pup!

That Face!

Who's Afraid of a Little Thunder?

I've been meaning to order it for over a year and FINALLY got around to it last week.

Goalie is absolutely petrified of thunder. The poor little guy, who is normally very brave and relaxed, trembles like a leaf during thunderstorms, and unfortunately, during firework displays. The fireworks fear is especially tough since we live at National Harbor where there are spectacular fireworks EVERY weekend of summer. 

We got a chance to use the Thundershirt on Goalie last week during a brief but noisy (and beautiful) firework show put on by the Gaylord National Convention Center.

The Thundershirt worked wonderfully during the ten minute firework display... Goalie sat peacefully on the couch despite the loud booms and crashes.... and hopefully it will be as a big a success during thunderstorms. Apparently the snug fit of the velcro and jersey vest makes dogs feel secure and peaceful... it certainly seemed to do the trick for G!

With any luck, Goalie won't be needing to sing this very offensive, very hilarious song during the next thunderstorm!

PS... Does't Goalie look totally cute in his sporty little Thundershirt?

Goalie & Co.

Snuggle Bum

There's a Panda on my Couch!

In the Driver Seat

Smiling Dog

Photo by the Extremely Talented Tony Eckersley

Goalie thoroughly enjoyed himself at his daddy's company talent show. He thought Patton's standup routine was hilarious!

The Goalie List

Not only is Goalie an excellent friend, an extremely charming and an attentive host, and an expert at chilling out, but he also has terrific taste.

Here are some of his very favorite things:

Prime Taste Freeze Dried Real Chicken Dog Treats - PetSmart

Shop for your own furry friend:

tinki collar (he has them in 4 colors) / lucky dog collar charms / pocket sweater / veggie treats / velvet pouf (G prefers a stack of 2) / reversible puffer vest / astronaut chicken canine swim club (he rehabbed from his knee surgeries here and continues to go for fun / dingo wraps / Polo Shirt / Tadbit Silly Buddy / Tiny Tennis Balls

Lucky Number Seven

Goalie is 7 years old today!

In celebration of my amazing friend's big day, he's getting all his favorites.... soft boiled eggs for breakfast, a nice meaty marrow bone from the butchers to gnaw on all day, and some delicious sirloin (medium rare) for dinner followed by a long nighttime stroll around the harbor!

Happy Birthday, G! You are the best and I've loved you every minute since you were this big!

Fuzzy Wuzzy

 Shaggy Dog?

Preppy Dog!

That's Rubbish!

Goalie has developed a new and not so charming habit of poking into the bathroom trash can and eating things he shouldn't....

I am in the market for a cute rubbish bin a little taller than he is, or something too narrow for him to get his snout in, or maybe something with a lid on it.

What do you think of these?

Alternate View

 Claude Indoor Planters

Shop Here:

Not Just for Chicks...

Hey Girl.... Even dogs like Ryan Gosling.


Hair of the Dog

Feeling like Goalie looks this day after St. Paddy's?
How about a little hair of the dog to shake that Sunday hang over...

Yum! Bloody Mary 
Spicy Bloody Mary 

For some reason, this is a completely acceptable beverage any time of day... no raised eyebrows if you have 3 or 4 of these babies before noon. The tomato juice is full of all kinds of vitamins and the vodka chases all your pain away.

There's really no wrong way to make a Bloody Mary, but here's how I like mine:

Rim Pint Glass with Old Bay
Fill Glass halfway with Ice
2 shots of Vodka
Fill glass almost to top with Zing Zang Mix
and then add:
Pinch of horseradish
Dash of Tabasco
Pinch of Sea Salt
Sprinkle of Black Pepper
Dash of Pickle Brine
Dash of Olive Brine
and stir it all up

Garnish with Celery, lime, olives, lemon, cherry tomato, pickle spear, jumbo shrimp, bacon, whatever you want... the sky's the limit! Another thing I totally love about Bloody Mary's is that you can get away with putting an entire meal's worth of food in your glass and no one looks at you funny!

Lounge Act


Mr. Saturday Night

Goalie at the end of a long and lazy Saturday....

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  1. Such a great picture of my little grandpuppy Goalie...he is the King of Chill..and looks so comfy on his furry turqouise throw!!

    1. Thanks, Momma! Goalie and I love you!


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