January 17, 2013


Here's a fun and tasty sandwich that I like to call ...


Apples, Bacon and Cheese.... mmm mmm mmm!

First, cook your bacon on a skillet. The more bacon the better (the third rule to living a great life).
Once your bacon is cooked, place it on a paper towel so that the grease can drain off.

Next slice and apple and cook the slices in the same skillet, making sure the apples get  a chance to soak up that yummy, yummy bacon fat. 

While the apples are cooking, slice a baguette and slather both pieces of bread with mayo mixed with chopped red onions. 

Place a slice of manchego cheese on each piece of bread. Top one piece of bread and cheese with  a heap of bacon and the other slice of bread and cheese with your cooked apple slices and place them under the broiler on high.

once the cheese starts melting over the edges of the bread, pull it out of the oven and slap those pieces together and voila, a terrific sandwich.

Easy as ABC!
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