February 21, 2013

Best Movie App Ever

So last weekend, Patton and I went to see the wildly entertaining Django Unchained. The movie was nearly three hours long, but it was so good with no parts that dragged that it it didn't seem that long at all. All the acting was incredible, but Christoph Waltz was outstanding... as funny and lovable in this, as he was funny and terrifying in Inglorious Basterds

Historically, my hubby always ends up taking a bathroom break that somehow coincides with the most exciting/poignant/meaningful/integral part of the movie, and then comes back from the bathroom and I have to whisper a little summary to get him caught up on what he missed so he can understand the rest of the movie. Luckily, before we saw Django, I downloaded this awesome app that I read about in some magazine (Mindy Kaling was recommending it so i figured it must be good!)


It is completely awesome. It was created by and is maintained by a family. They go, watch the movie, pinpoint the best time to run to the bathroom including the minute mark, and the line of dialogue or onscreen action that is your cue to run to the bathroom. It provides a number of minutes you have to use the bathroom and get back to your seat in the theater, as well as a timer to start as you leave the theater. While you are in the bathroom, you can read the summary of what is happening, and you'll rejoin the movie knowing exactly what is going on. 

Brilliant and totally useful!

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