December 4, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree!

This may seem strange, but this year was the first time EVER that I got a real Christmas tree. 

My parents have the MOST Christmas-sy house in the world, but always decorated artificial trees (sometimes there are 3 or 4 different trees in their house). They look wonderful, come pre-lit, and don't have any of those pesky bald areas. Patton and I spend Christmas at my parents house, so we never felt the deep need to have our own tree until this year. It is so exciting to start our own "Holliday" traditions for the holidays now that Lucy is here.

We headed to the Alexandria, VA police department's Christmas tree lot and picked out a beautiful, fragrant Fraser fir, brought it home, and decorated it  with an array of animal ornaments, and the standard tinsel, and balls. 

Lucy was very helpful in the perfect placement of the star.

PS... Peacock feathers are a great way to fill in some of the more sparse areas and add a little exotic-ness to our very charming Christmas tree.

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