December 20, 2012

Under $50 Gift Guide - Sweethearts

Merry Christmas    1953 illustration found at Millie Motts.

Here are some perfect gifts for your favorite couples...

The Newlyweds:

Match Made In Heaven Plate - Weddings Anniversary, First Married Christmas Gift, Personalized, Sky Clouds, Reception, Photo Prop Newlywed

Match Made in Heaven Plate $20 / Italian Cheese Sampler $26

The New Parents:

Save the Date (2012) Poster

A Pair of Movie Tickets $22 / An Offer to Watch the Baby $Priceless

The Homebodies:

Say I Love You<sup>©</sup> Pillowcases

Pillowcases $30 / Netflix Subscription $10 (per month)

The Out All Nighters:

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