August 17, 2012

Mojito Chops

We've been sorta laying off the hard stuff lately, so our bottle of 1800 was looking a little sad and lonely on the bar cart and I decided it needed to make friends with these gorgeously thick lamb chops. 

This is a fun one:

Mojito Lamb Chops

Ok, I know the classic mojito has rum in it, but tequila is so much naughtier.
Start out by putting a couple tablespoons of olive oil, a couple hunks of butter, the juice from half a lime,  and some chopped mint into a skillet on medium/high heat.

Throw in 2 shots of tequila (don't let your eyebrows catch on fire) and take a shot for good luck.

When it looks nice and sizzly, add your chops to the pan. 

You cook the first side for three minutes then I like to swish the chops across the pan making sure they soak up all that butter, boozy, minty goodness before flipping them over.  Cook the other side  for about three minutes, and then move the chops to a plate to rest for at least 4 minutes. This is a very important step in sealing in all those tasty juices.

Now, the sugar from the mojito comes in when you cook the corn. I boil the ears of sweet white corn for about 9 minutes in some very sugary water, just like my Momma taught me.

Grab some plates, slap down the chops, put a nice side of salted tomatoes, an ear of corn with plenty of butter, salt and pepper and you're rolling.

Ooooh, Doggy!

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