July 24, 2012

American Way - Part Three - Sunset Yoga

Photo from Woman Around Town

Okay, so National Harbor's FREE Sunset Yoga sessions actually take place on the Pier Pavilion, not American Way, but close enough. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 - 8 pm, Sun & Moon Yoga sends over one of their wonderful instructors to give a free class, friendly to all level yogis. I've taken my fair share of yoga classes but found the session I took last Thursday to be both challenging and relaxing (and it made me realize how much flexibility in my abs and back I lost a a result of my c-section.. I have LOTS of work to do to get in shape an will definitely be trying to attend as many of these classes as I can).

Surrounded by some of my National Harbor neighbors, yoga enthusiasts  of all ages (includng 2 truly adorable and very talented little girls who were practicing in front of me) from Maryland, Virginia  and the District, and lots of tourists visiting the Harbor, we were led through some guided meditations, a fair number of sitting and standing sun salutations with variations offered for more and less experienced class members.

I was very grateful to my sweet husband who rushed home from work so I could go to this class and do some much needed stretching in such a beautiful setting. It was a hot evening but we had a fabulous breeze for the entire hour and it was nice to take a class outside of a studio and enjoy the scenery.  

During the final meditation, I found my thoughts continually drifting to Lucy's adorable little face. She is turning into such a great smiler and by the end of the hour I was relaxed, feeling limber and so ready to get back up to my condo to kiss my hubby and baby girl.

I'd love to take a Mommy & Baby yoga class... anyone know of a good one in Old Town Alexandria or the surrounding area?
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  1. Mandy this is such a great post!! That's so great you are participating, it sounds wonderful. I took a few yoga classes a few weeks ago in DC and loved them - my first time doing yoga. I'm looking forward to finding some yoga spots around SF!

    1. Thanks, Robyn. The classes are great. I am sure you will find a wonderful studio out in San Francisco. I hope you are enjoying life in your new city... we miss you here, though!


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