July 16, 2012

American Way - Part Two - Pommes Frites

Continuing my exploration of the American Way kiosks at National Harbor, I made my second stop at Pommes Frites where the fries are crispy, salty and incredibly fresh. So fresh that when you place your order first thing that happens is that the guy behind the counter grabs a couple of potatoes. The potatoes are cut into perfect skin-on, shoe string fries, doused in olive oil, seasoned and then tossed into the fryer until they reach crispy perfection. They serve them up in a paper cone with plenty of sea salt. 

I whipped up a little Old Bay mayo to dip them in a shared my frites with Goalie, who is a french fry connoisseur. He loved them almost as much as I did (and i love fries so much  I own a few of these ceramic fry cones). 

These frites are totally delicious... fresh, crispy and salty ... exactly the way they should be!

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