July 2, 2012

Derecho Day

derecho in Chicago

Have you ever heard of a derecho? Apparently, it's a thing.

The DC Area got clobbered by one late Friday night... tons of rain and huge gusts of hot wind pounding into everything. When Patton opened the door to pull in my plants from the balcony as the storm began to rage, I felt like someone had opened a roaring oven... that's how intensely hot the air was. Then, in the middle of watching  the US Woman's Gymnastics Olympic trials, the electricity went out.  Seconds later,  the building across the street regained full power. Our electricity stayed out for another 24 hours.

The next day, Patton was busy getting our Dupont place ready for our lovely new tenants so Lucy, Goalie and I were lazily roughing it in our powerless condo at National Harbor.

Here are some recommendations on how to spend a day without tv, smart phones (mine ran out of batteries on Friday night), refrigerators, etc.

Lucy Likes:

Short Sleeve 5-Pack Bodysuits
Carter's Cotton Onesies (fit newborns perfectly, soft and lightweight for days without AC) / Penguin Ice Packs (for sitting on top of during stroller rides in 100 degree temps) / Fisher Price Little Lamb Rock N Play Sleeper (lightweight, portable and adorable... Lucy and my new FAVORITE thing... a definite must have)

Goalie Likes:

Cool Bed InsertMilo's Kitchen® Chicken Jerky Dog Treat - PetSmart

Icey Bed Insert (to nap on) /  Squishy Dog Dish (perfect for hot walks) / Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats (because Goalie is a good dog, no matter what weather)

Mandy Likes:

Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey (i can't think of a better book to read while stuck inside a large condo building with no electricity and temperatures too hot to spend the day outside) / Balsamic Bellavitano (couldn't let this go to waste as my fridge went from chilly to very warm ... yeah, I ate the whole wedge)

We finally got our electricity back late Saturday night... Thank you, Ben Franklin!

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