July 27, 2012


Love, love, LOVE making these for dinner.

Loaded Baked Potato

Slather olive oil onto and rub sea salt into an extra large jacket potato and bake on 425 until you can easily puncture the potato with a fork. Remove from the oven and let the fun begin.

I like to load up my baked potatoes with all sorts of yummy things... chicken, veggies, cheeses, various sauces ... but this version is favorite. Here is the list of what  I jammed into these potatoes.

Smoked Salmon drizzled in Lemon Juice
Creme Fraiche
Chopped Raw Green Beans
Shredded Baby Spinach
Chopped Grape Tomatoes
Crumbled Bacon

This is a very easy to make, very hearty meal. Patton is a huge fan and I think it is something kids would enjoy (and an easy way to hide veggies amid the kid friendly things like butter, cheese, and potatoes).

Get Loaded!
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