November 1, 2012

Bad Mommy?

Tattoo Baby

It's ok to dress your baby in an exorbitant number of hats with animal ears.

It's ok that your baby watches almost two entire episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse back to back so you can finish those spreadsheets.

It's ok that you balance your baby up on your feet like Superman (it's making her brave AND trust you) and then flip her upside down to cheer her up midfussy moment..

It's ok that you think the teacher at gym class is a little weird and probably NOT an total expert on child cognitive development, that babies don't know how to focus their third eye and soak up your Ommms at Mommy and Me Yoga, and that super skinny know it all mom in the front of the class who won't shut up about reusable hemp diapers and co-sleeping probably doesn't have any actual fun in life.

It's ok that your baby's favorite song is by Pitbull... I mean, he says "Baby" A LOT. 

It's ok that you have an entire drawer full of gray, black, and white yoga pants, tank tops, and sweatshirts so you know your clothes will at least sort of coordinate before you get baby spit all over them.

It's ok that you worry that you might nibble those chunky little thighs completely off your baby, they are so cute.

It's ok. It's all done with love and best intentions.

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  1. You are ABSOLUTELY right about all of this's all about LOVE!


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