March 26, 2012

Design Fun at

How cool is this website and why can't there be more like it?

You can use the amazing "design your own" nursery tool at to plan every detail of your baby's crib bedding.

I recommend starting by using the "nursery options" button to modify the wall color and trim, crib type, and floor choice to reflect what you have in your own home.  From there you can click the "bedding options" to select bumper type and trim and skirt length and type.  Then you can have a design field day selecting fabrics for each detail of the bedding (don't forget the little things like the bumper ribbons).

They also have a wonderful selection of bedding sets that you can choose from (like the one below) but I think designing something custom is more fun.

I ordered my baby girl's bedding from this website and I HIGHLY recommend The fabric is excellent quality, the prices are comparable to off-the-shelf sets from most baby specialty retailers, the customer service is super friendly and extremely prompt in responding to all questions, and the production,  which is done in their Atlanta headquarters, is completed so quickly and so precisely that I got my gorgeous, one of a kind set within a week of designing it on their website.

Only two more months til Lucy is dreaming, happily surrounded by her beautiful custom baby bedding!

If anyone knows of any websites where you can design custom bedding (like for grown ups) please send me a link! I would love to have some one of a kind bedding. Pin It Now!


  1. Love custom baby bedding but also love the colors and pattern of the set pictured!! Cute!

    1. Hi Jen,

      Thanks for checking out my blog. Everything on your website is so adorable. Looking forward to shopping from soon!



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