March 11, 2012

un Homme et une Femme

Could Anouk Aimee have looked more gorgeous in every frame? The long sleeve sequin dress... the crisp white mens-style pajamas... that fabulous suede and shearling coat... those eyelashes? Wishing...

Dress / Pajamas / Shearling Coat / Lashes Pin It Now!


  1. Is this the coolest Mandy, EVER?!!!!!
    And what was that little hint I saw....Mom-to-be......WHAT!?
    And Goalie...all grown up since his internet surfing days...
    Oh man die, sure do miss you and love your style and blog! I am going to link it to mine.


    1. Hi Jeanne!

      Miss you, Krys and Suzanne and think of you ladies literally every single day. I am going to be a mom in mid-May... expecting a little girl! Patton and i are thrilled. Her wardrobe is, of course, completely stocked with Bunnies by the Bay. Thanks for linking my blog to yours... I've got Wu Feng Road on my side bar and love looking at your beautiful artwork and creative stories. Please give my love to all my friends at Bunnies!




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