March 30, 2012

Rosa Deliciosa!

So, living at National Harbor means I am lucky enough to enjoy peaceful evenings by the river, free outdoor movies and wonderful farmers markets on summer weekends, and music/light shows on my evening walks with Goalie. It also means that I live just steps away from Rosa Mexicano, a really yummy Mexican chain restaurant that has just gotten even better. Their gaucamole and smokey salsa has always been top notch, but for the duration of 2012, wonder chef, Jonathan Waxman (if you are a Top Chef junkie like me, you know this name for sure!) became their culinary advisor and added some really exciting new items to the menu, including my new favorite....

Pork Belly....
       Seared Scallop....

How brilliant is that? 

They are even more delicious then they sound, and there are few things that sound more delicious to me than pork belly, and they come served with citrus-habenero salsa and are  perfectly portioned at 2 palm-of-the-hand sized tacos in warm corn tortillas. You'll find them on the appetizer menu, but if you pig out on the guac and chips first like I always do they make a perfect entree.

Buen provecho! 

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