June 20, 2012

Ballet Body

Ballet Body

If all goes well at my next doctor's appointment in a couple weeks, I should get the okay to start exercising again! In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I decided that as soon as Lucy was born, I was going to make a serious effort to get into great shape as a sort of thank you to my body for handling pregnancy so well. 

I really was not expecting to need a C-section and was COMPLETELY unprepared at how slow the recovery would be, and it has definitely strengthened my resolve to get fit as soon as I am allowed.

Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast and spent countless hours working out every day, but throughout my twenties I took a really casual attitude towards exercise. I had a few months here and there where I would hit the gym, take various classes,  and for about two years I was extremely devoted to this pilates program (I only stopped going when we moved out of the city), but for the most part, the only reason I am even in any sort of shape is because of the intense conditioning, stretching, and dance classes I took during my 13 years of gymnastics training. 

Since I will be balancing being a mom to Lucy, working part time, and just life in general, I think the best approach for me is to fit in working out whenever I can. I plan on taking lots of walks around the harbor, using the wonderful fitness center in my building, and finally REALLY diving in to my extensive collection of work out dvds.

I am hoping to tighten the muscles I have, regain my flexibility, and if all goes as planned, get that nice lean, dancer body I've always wanted.

Here are the dvd's that I am going to use... hopefully by the end of the year I will look and feel the way I want and can give each program glowing reviews!

Ballet Body Signature Series #2 – CoreThe Lotte Berk Method, 4 Disc Set: Basic Essentials, Hip Hugger Abs, Muscle Eats Fat, High Round Assets

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