June 15, 2012

Misty Water Colored Memories....

The Way We Were

Lucy and I stayed up waaay too late the other night after a very lazy nap filled day and ended up watching one of my favorite movies ever.

I remember the first time I watched "The Way We Were" with my mom when I was about 12... I  LOVED it then and I've loved it each of the 3 or 4 dozen times I've watched it since then.  I look forward to watching this great movie again with my Mom and Lucy when she is old enough to appreciate the fact that Hubbell Gardner is the cutest boy since my hubby to wear dress whites.

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  1. Great movie. I love Redford. Glad to see the fam is doing great Mandy. Take care!

  2. Babs and Redford, such a great flick. Love it.


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