September 17, 2012

Basics - Leopard Print


It may seem a little wild, but I view leopard print as a neutral, and definitely an essential. It matches EVERYTHING and gives a bit of a bombshell twist to whatever you are wearing.

Here are five fun ways to let your wild side show this fall:

1. As a loopy scarf with a slouchy t-shirt, sunnies and your favorite jeans

leopard print scarf

2. Boldly on a bag and just peeking out on shirttails with a leather motorcycle jacket, bright colored sweater, black pants and some tough boots

Leopard Print

3. As the main event on a fitted cardigan with an over-sized necklace and powerfully colored pants

leopard print

4. On a knit skirt with your classic navy blazer and a white tank top

classy leopard skirt.

5. On pony fur pumps and bucket bag with cuffed jeans

leopard shoes

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