September 25, 2012

Sorprenda a su Propio Fumar (Catch your own smoke)

Here's the long awaited second post by my wonderful and handsome husband, Patton, who also happens to be a bit of a Mexican liquor connoisseur...

I TOTALLY had this poster on my bedroom wall in 7th grade
If tequila were Brandon Walsh, mezcal is Dylan McKay.  Mexico’s simmering and smoky, yet more confident, relaxing second liquor.  Prominent in Oaxaca, a heartland of indigenous culture in Mexico, mezcal still comes with a worm.

A good friend introduced me to mezcal’s thoroughly placid and blurry effect after traveling to Oaxaca for private evenings with special bottles.    It is a nice change from the impatient climb of sweeter liquors.

This is EXACTLY what Dylan would have drank after a long day surfing in Baja, had he not been a recovered alcoholic by sophomore year of high school.
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