September 21, 2012

Lunch for One - Pioneer Style

Do any of you LOVE the Pioneer Woman as much as I do? Some of her recipes look so good that I immediately report to the grocery store as soon as I read them to get the ingredients I need like it is an emergency.

Such was the case with this incredible  Pioneer Woman patty melt that I made for myself a few weeks ago.

 I was feeling a little lonely because Lucy and Goalie were both snoozing, Patton was working, and my Mom had gone home a couple days before. I checked PW's site, saw this recipe and ran right down to the grocery to buy some beef and some bread (i already had the cheese, onions, and butter). This delicious sandwich was so cheesy, and beefy, and yummy that it cheered me right up.

Do you have any favorite cooking blog recipes that you love? 
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  1. Her recipes do rock! I also sneak in episodes of her cooking show On Demand when E is napping. :o)

  2. Yum! You know how I love her. So glad to hear you respond to her posts like I do=)


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