September 14, 2012

Rainy Day Pasta

For some reason, this pasta dish just tastes better on a soggy, foggy, rainy day. I made this for lunch a couple of weeks ago and was dancing Lucy around the kitchen while I cooked so I didn't have a chance to snap photos as I cooked... just the ingredients I started with and the delicious end result.

To make this yummy, comfy dish you need linguini, olive oil,  Italian bread crumbs, an egg, garlic, basil, onion, red pepper flakes and dried oregano.

Prepare the pasta in boiling, salted water. 

In a separate pot,  poach your egg (a teaspoon of white vinegar in the poaching water helps keep your egg an egg-sh shape as it poaches). Once your egg has cooked (about 3 minutes) remove from the water and put the egg to the side... it will eventually top the dish.

Finely chop your onions and saute them over medium high heat in some sizzling olive oil. Once the onions have started cooking add your garlic, red pepper and oregano. 

When your pasta is cooked, drain and toss in the pan with the onions and olive oil. Add a couple tablespoons of bread crumbs and scoot the pasta around the pan like one of those big mops so it gets coated in oil and  bread crumbs, and the onions, garlic, red pepper flakes and oregano get all mixed in. Now add some coarsely chopped basil and give the contents of the  pan a couple of flips.

Plate it up and add your egg to the top of the pile. I added a sprinkle or parmesan cheese to mine, as well. This dish is hearty and has a bit of a kick from the pepper. Really tasty!

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