September 6, 2012

Lucy and Lambie

Doc McStuffins and the gang

My Mom (Lucy's Mumsie) came across the most adorable show when she was looking after Lucy one morning while I worked. Doc McStuffins is this really sweet and entertaining cartoon on Disney Jr. about a really nice little girl who is a toy doctor. The characters are cute and funny without being too sappy, the storylines have a moral but are still really amusing,  and I think I enjoy the show (and the catchy songs) almost as much as Lucy does. 

Her eyes completely light up whenever Lambie, one of Doc's little friends, comes on the screen. I am not sure if it is because Lambie is so cute and cuddly, or because she is more or less Lucy's animated TV twin, but Lucy is a huge fan. 



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  1. So cute! I laughed out loud seeing the animated version of Lucy -- they ARE twins, lol.

    1. I know... pretty ridiculously cute, huh? Hope all is well in SF!


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