October 1, 2012

Big Bun

BIG sock bun
Big Bun

I am utterly untalented when it comes to styling my hair. Growing up I always had really long hair... the kind other people love to play with, so I made it straight through to college graduation knowing that I could always get one of my more hair-stylistically-talented friends or family members to do something fantastic with my hair if I asked nicely. 

I have LOTS of thick hair which is very heavy (but thankfully shiny) and doesn't hold a curl without a crazy amount of product to hold it in place, which really  limits a lot of my options. In addition, I am can be a bit impatient and so I either wear my hair straightened and down, half back in a barrette, up in a high pony tail, or braided at the base of my neck... so BORING.

I really like the looks of a big updo and found one that I can actually do myself!

The BIG bun. 

big bun
Back View

Big, messy bun
Blond and Messy View

Here is the tutorial that taught me how. It involves one of Patton's long, black athletic socks, which is kind of weird, but whatever.. it looks totally cute, all said and done.

Have to say though, it was a bit embarrassing when the hostess from this restaurant (the soft pretzel appetizer is heavenly) was raving about how cute my hair looked a little while ago at dinner, and asked me how I did it and I had to tell her there was a rolled up gym sock hidden in my bun. 

PS... The bigger the sock, the bigger the bun.
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