October 17, 2012

Small, but Stylish

I recently watched a real estate/lifestyle show that included a segment about tiny houses and found it so interesting. Sadly, I completely forget what the show was called, but I think it was on HGTV.  

I really admire people who can live with ONLY what they need. I tend to be a bit excessive, but I do try to think about things before I buy them, and I make an effort to donate clothes, books, furniture, etc that I no longer use or need a couple of times a year. 

But back to the tiny houses... Patton, Goalie and I lived very happily for four years in our charming and lovely two story condo in Dupont Circle for over four years, and it is just 700 square feet! That is definitely as small as I could go, and living there made me consider the best use of every square foot when I was decorating. 

We were so happy in a small space, but our National Harbor condo now feels huge (in a great way) in comparison since it is twice the size. Living in DC, I fell in love with furniture that doubled as storage, learned that vertical space is as important and usable as floor space, and that large accents in decor makes a little space feel bigger. Also, high ceilings are key. And the fact that our condo in Dupont is 2 stories gives it a bit of luxury and loftiness that 700 square feet on one floor just doesn't quite have.

Here are some really beautiful, small houses, and tiny living spaces to inspire and impress you! And an interesting article on the topic.

small housessmall/modern houses
I love small houses!Small house, Amsterdam.Renovated cargo container small-houses

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