October 16, 2012

Working Momma Must Haves

Being a working mom is certainly not the easiest thing I've ever done. 

I am lucky enough that I work mostly from home and get to spend so much time with Lucy. I split my work day into a morning and afternoon shift (and most days, a late night shift, as well). 

Lucy almost always sleeps right through the morning which is wonderful for me from a working standpoint.  Then we play, and take walks, and read stories, and snuggle for a few hours until it is time for me to get back to work. 

In the afternoons, Lucy naps a little but more often than not these days, she is bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

That's where these terrific items come in to make Lucy and I a happy and productive pair.

I can't say enough about how great these things are... most of which we received as gifts from wonderful family members and friends.

Little Tikes® 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym
Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll Toy Bar

Jungle ExerSaucer / Move and Crawl Ball / Activity Center / Crib Soother Aquarium / Bottle Sling (this is a MUST have... you can velcro it on to your baby's carseat, swing, boucy seat, etc... essential!) / Playmat / Big Bird Stacking Nest / Shapes Blocks / Doorway Jumper / Musical Play and Stroll Clip on Bar

As you can see... they are all Lucy endorsed!

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  1. Lucy is such a good little helper girl...keeping herself busy while her Mommy gets her work accomplished...she reminds me so much of you when you were her age Mandy! You are so lucky to have her.....as I am to have you!

    1. She is such a good baby girl... i am SOOO lucky!

  2. What a nice little baby!


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