October 5, 2012

Pork with Sauteed Apples and Onions

I just couldn't resist those sweet Gala apples at the grocery the other day, and what goes better with an apple than pork? There is a reason you always see a big old piggy with an apple jammed  in it's mouth when the show some sort of medieval feast in a movie. 

Chop up a large crisp apple and add it to a pan with halved pearl onions. Drizzle on some melted butter and sprinkle on thyme, sea salt and pepper. Saute everything on high heat so the apples get a bit soft and the flavor of the thyme gets infused throughout.

Now, give your pork chops a light dusting with whole wheat flour, sprinkle them with thyme, salt and pepper and then cook them in a pan on high heat with a couple of pats of butter.

Plate it all up and you have the perfect October dinner. So delish!

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