October 8, 2012

Storm Troopers

I'm a little obsessed with my new sneaks. They are comfy, easy to put on when Goalie, Lucy and I go on our walks around the harbor, and I think they look pretty cool.

I spend a lot of time in my comfy clothes these days since I work at home, but I try to keep my sweats a bit styled up and these sneakers with the hidden wedge make it easy. 
Truth is, I have been yearning for a pair since I first saw Isabel Marant's version a year ago. So far out of my price range that I figured I'd just have to wait til I win Powerball, but then I found www.GoJane.com

They have some many ADORABLE pairs for under $50 (!!!) in so many great color combos,  but I can never resist black and white. 

Patton mentioned they look like something a Storm Trooper would wear to workout in, which just makes them even cooler.

Storm Troopers
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