May 1, 2012

(Almost) Ready to Go!

The nursery is all set, we have every baby item imaginable, Lucy has a wardrobe that even Suri Cruise would approve of, and I have my hospital "Go Bag" packed and ready (Patton is still working on his). 

We've got our list of who to call/text and when, I wrapped things up at work (as best as I could) for the next two months, and later today I am taking the car to the DMV to have the car seat inspected/installed.  So now it is just a waiting game.

 I am hoping to have at least a few days to sort of relax but you never know when Lucy will be ready to make her debut. Could be any day, or maybe even weeks away. I have had a very predictable pregnancy so far, things happening when and how they are supposed to without any complications so I am hoping the delivery will go the same way. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

As for some of the things I packed in my bag:

Adorable outfit for Lucy to wear home
twinkle pink swaddlePhilips AVENT BPA Free Contemporary Freeflow Pacifier, 0-6 Months, 2-Count, Colors and Designs May Vary

Galaxy Tab 8.9
Phone Charger and Samsung Galaxy Tab & Charger (So I can post pictures of Lucy as soon as she is all cleaned up)

Men's pjs (I can't stand those hospital tops... always make people look so washed out, so I am hoping to look somewhat cute and still be able to feed Lucy easily at the hospital) and Ballet Slippers
product imageBenefit Cosmetics sun beam

Gilligan & OMalley® Womens Nursing Sleep Bra - Assorted ColorsGilligan & OMalley® Womens Side Sling Nursing Tank - Assorted Colors

Nursing Bra Comfy lounge pants, tank top and wrap to wear home
Gardenia Elizabeth Taylors By Elizabeth Taylor For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 BottleGardenia by Elizabeth Taylor, 3.3 oz Body Lotion for women
Gardenia  Perfume (or room spray) and Lotion

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  1. The most exciting time of your life. Your take home outfit for Lucy is precious...can't wait for the arrival. I'm assuming the logic problem book is for All you need to do afterwards is sleep.

    Love ya bunches!!!

    1. I am so excited!!! Love ya too!

  2. So...I have my "Mumsie Bag" all packed and ready to go!! I am beyond anxious and so ecstatic to begin my career as Lucy's Grandmother...counting the days...

    Mandy , you and Patton are going to be the sweetest parents ever!!! I love you both with all of my heart!!!

    1. Thanks Mom... you and Daddy are going to be incredible grandparents... I can't wait!!!


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