May 9, 2012


Last week I rewatched the quirky comedy, Ceremony, written and directed by Max Winkler (the Fonz's son!). I liked it even more than the first time I watched it and definitely appreciated the amount of effort that went into the styling of the set and the development of the silly, unique, pretentious but lovable characters.

dessert? table with floral garland swag under lanterns hanging from tree at dusk
Rehearsal Dinner

The story centers around the wedding weekend of a beautiful woman and the young man who crashes the party at a private beach front inn hoping to convince her that she is marrying the wrong man.

I love all the organized activities (arts and crafts, three legged paper chases, late night costume parties) that happen throughout the wedding weekend. It's like a weekend of summer camp only with lots more to drink and chic outfits, and makes the perfect backdrop to the unrequited love story of the romantic (to the point of stupidity) Sam and  the ambivalent Zoe.

And the sound track (that Jacque Du Tronc song is sooooo good) is perfection.

Check out some fun items inspired by this stylish comedy.

Rabbit Leather Mask, Adult Size - Made to Order
Fitzgerald Cotton <em>Corduroy</em> 1818 <em>Suit</em>Native American War Bonnet Feather Headdress, Reproductionproduct imageNew York <em>Pearls</em> White FW <em>Pearl</em> 100-inch Endless <em>Necklace</em> (5-10 mm)

Cermonial Shopping Sources:

animal mask / corduroy suit / feather headdress / tiara  / long pearl necklace / champagne dress

And a Ceremony worthy cocktail recipe :

Ginger Lime Rickey

Ginger Lime Rickey Recipe

Fill and tumbler half way with ice
Add 2 shots of gin (I like Hendrick's best)
Fill Rest of Glass with Ginger Ale (the spicier the better)
Add a dash of bitters and squeeze in the juice of half a lime in.
Garnish with a lime wheel and sip away

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