May 14, 2012

Sleeping on a Cloud

Illustration by David Wiesner

How peaceful and comfy would it be to sleep on a cloud? Inspired by incredible author/illustrator David Weisner's wonderful Caldecott Honor Award Winning Book, Sector 7, I set about finding a way to do that every night.

Sector 7

Ever since Patton and I had our "Mini-Moon" at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia (thanks, Mom & Dad!!!)  right after our wedding in December 2003, we've been trying to recreate that amazing sleeping experience in our own home.

I think we may just have done it!

We were looong overdue for a new mattress and box spring since we've been sleeping on the set Patton bought at some sort of roadside warehouse situation while he was in flight school in Pensacola in, like, 2002. A decade later, it seems we were more than ready for an upgrade.

First thing I did was call the lovely people at the Four Seasons who were happy to tell me which products they use (Stearns & Foster Luxury Plush Firm Pillowtop Mattress and 500 thread count cotton sheets, in case you are wondering). I checked online and the mattresses were a bit out of our price range, so we went to our local mattress showroom and laid down on a bunch of beds. Funnily enough, the sales guys gave me a big spiel on what kind of mattress is best for me since I am pregnant... like it is a permanent condition. 

We found the mattress we liked best, a firm mattress with a plush pillow top, at the store and then bought it from US-Mattress for a little over half the price of the showroom and that included box spring and in home set-up & removal of our old set!

Then I did a little research and went crazy with the bedding accessories. 

The key to creating a bed as comfy as a cloud is lots of layers. I always notice in the nicer hotels that there's an abundance of pillows, super soft, cool to the touch sheets, blankets, and duvets.

Here are the 13 (!!!) layers that went into Patton, Goalie & my little block of heaven....

Layer 1 - Simmon's Beautyrest box spring & firm mattress with plush pillowtop 
Layer 2 - Down Alternative Cuddle Bed
Layer 3 - Westin Heavenly Bed Mattress Pad
Layer 4 - Bamboo Fitted Sheet 
(Bamboo is so soft & cooling & eco-friendly & magically gets softer with every washing!!!)
Layer 5 - Bamboo Flat Sheet
Layer 6 - Thin Down Alternative Duvet in Bamboo Duvet Cover
Layer 7 - Thicker Down Alternative Duvet in Bamboo Duvet Cover
Layer 8 - Furry Throw
Layer 9 - 2 Firm King Pillows in Bamboo Shams
Layer 10 - 2 Westin Heavenly Bed Standard Pillows in Bamboo Shams
Layer 11 - 2 Goose Down Squishy Standard Pillows in Bamboo Cases
Layer 12 - 2 Body Pillows in 100% Cotton Cases 
Layer 13 - 1 very fluffy, cuddly Havanese/Papillon mix dog

Ever since we set up this luxurious new sleeping situation my very pregnant, and achy body has been feeling wonderful and my hubby's back, which was usually sore in the morning, has been feeling much better!

It's just like sleeping on a cloud.....

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