May 15, 2012

Who's Afraid of a Little Thunder?

I've been meaning to order it for over a year and FINALLY got around to it last week.

Goalie is absolutely petrified of thunder. The poor little guy, who is normally very brave and relaxed, trembles like a leaf during thunderstorms, and unfortunately, during firework displays. The fireworks fear is especially tough since we live at National Harbor where there are spectacular fireworks EVERY weekend of summer. 

We got a chance to use the Thundershirt on Goalie last week during a brief but noisy (and beautiful) firework show put on by the Gaylord National Convention Center.

The Thundershirt worked wonderfully during the ten minute firework display... Goalie sat peacefully on the couch despite the loud booms and crashes.... and hopefully it will be as a big a success during thunderstorms. Apparently the snug fit of the velcro and jersey vest makes dogs feel secure and peaceful... it certainly seemed to do the trick for G!

With any luck, Goalie won't be needing to sing this very offensive, very hilarious song during the next thunderstorm!

PS... Does't Goalie look totally cute in his sporty little Thundershirt?

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