May 16, 2012

One Particular Harbor

National Harbor
With the summer season just beginning there are so many more reasons that I loooove living at National Harbor.

Here are my top five reasons to love Harbor Living (or visiting) this summer:

1. Saturday Farmer's Markets (starting May 26th) - fresh local produce including sweet corn, tomatoes, berries, peaches and peppers. Delicious cheeses and creamy whole milk from Amish vendors. Crusty baguettes, rosemary sourdough and homemade wheat rolls. So much fun to grab fresh, local ingredients and prepare a delicious meal without ever stepping foot inside a grocery store, and then enjoying it from the fantastic roof deck of my building (with views of the Washington Monument, the National Cathedral, the ballpark and more!)

2. Scripps National Spelling Bee!!! - Hosted the last week in May at the Gaylord Convention Center. I went to watch the finals last year and it was amazing. I have always watched the coverage on ESPN and am weirdly obsessed with it. These kids are so smart and quirky and endearing... it was so much fun to see it live and I can't wait to go again this year! If you like the Bee as much as I do, be sure to check out this documentary.

National Harbor Pier

3.  Long Walks - The Harbor is really beautiful. I especially love strolling along the water and up and down the piers in the evenings with Patton, Goalie,  and, this summer, with Lucy! The grounds of the Gaylord are perfectly manicured. If you hit the Harbor on the hour in the evenings, you will be treated to a lovely light show (including the twinkly lights in the trees along "American Way") which change color in time to music. My favorite walk to take during the day is along the shell path up to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The walking/bike friendly overpass has a surprisingly beautiful park which cuts over the highway. Delicious smelling lavender and dreamy views included!

4. Free Outdoor Movies on Friday and Sunday Nights - Starting at the end of May, free movies are projected onto the screen in front of "The Awakening" sculpture. Friday nights are "Date Night" movies and Sunday they show family friendly films. Can't wait to see the movie list for this summer!

5. Sunset Yoga on the Piers -This is new this summer. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening around sunset there will be free yoga classes, friendly for all levels. All you need to bring is your own mat and some positive energy!

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