April 10, 2012

Beer from Antiquity

My hubby, Patton, has become an enthusiastic sampler of craft beers over the past few years and this is the first in a series of posts about his favorites. We are super lucky to have a fantastic grocery, Potomac Gourmet Market,  in National Harbor, so he gets to try and review exciting new beers as often as he likes.

Dogfish Head Brewery: Midas Touch 

Cancel your plans. Glug, glug, glug.

When the 2,700 year old tomb of this nectar’s presumed namesake was uncovered in Turkey, archaeologists discovered ornate banquet tables, chairs, the sweet and aromatic beverage featured here, and no texts whatsoever.  As people have done since the beginning, put aside your distractions and sit with your friends, this is the perfect beer for a simple night of familiar stories and raucous laughter that grow louder as the night goes on.  Don’t pair this strong ancient ale with anything out of a package.  Herald its past and pour this gold into a glass.  This is no myth.

Regularly purchased by the author at the National Harbor Potomac Gourmet Market.

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  1. Very nice critique by my favorite and forever #1 Son in Law...looking forward to many more to come!!

    1. you forgot the "ONLY"... Forever Only Number One :-)

    2. Patton you need to send this one to Jim Harvey! He will totally appreciate it!


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