April 12, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

As you can see from the series of photos above, I love decorating with mirrors... they are pretty, reflect light and have a way of making any space seem brighter, larger and more glamourous. I like to use mirrors in lots of different ways... we have a mirrored backsplash in our Dupont apartment, I use a pair of mirrors on the bottom shelf/against the wall under the tv as a pretty way to hide wires, I like to use smaller mirrors as serving trays, and Lucy's mobile is constructed of tiny mirrored disco balls which splatter fun light patterns around the room when the sun shines in to her nursery.

My VERY favorite place to shop for all home decor, and ESPECIALLY mirrors, is HomeGoods. I got each of the mirrors pictured above from the store closest to my home. I get so happy every time I go in HomeGoods because they ALWAYS have a fresh set of unique treasures for me to dig through. Their prices are insanely affordable...I think the priciest  HomeGoods mirror of the 10 or so that I have in my house is the 7 foot tall floor mirror we keep in our study which I practically stole at $179. More important than the great prices... everything seems a little bit unique and one of a kind-ish.

If you don't have the time to hunt through the latest shipment at your local HomeGoods here some gorgeous looking glasses from around the web:

UNG DRILL Mirror IKEA Can be used in high humidity areas. Safety film  reduces damage if glass is broken.Bone Sunburst MirrorInfinity Mosaic MirrorView ProductConvex MirrorsStephen Antonson Mirror

Shop for them Here:

faux bois round mirrorSue Wright Mirror

Splurge here:

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