April 3, 2012

Compiling a registry

Bunnies By the Bay

Over the weekend, my Mom's incredible besties threw me a fantastic baby shower (more on that in an upcoming post). 

Like lots of moms-to-be, I prepared a registry. This was my first time registering for gifts.

Patton and I got married in Mendenhall, Pennsylvania but moved immediately after the wedding across the country to Anacortes, Washington and asked our guests for gift certificates instead of actual gifts in order to make our move a little less bulky. 

For the baby shower, at first I felt awkward asking people to get me (and my baby girl) things, but a friend said, "Everyone wants to get something great for your baby so it might as well be something you want and need." 

With that in mind, I emailed all my wonderful mommy friends to get their advice on which products their babies love, which items the moms & dads couldn't live without, and which things seem so necessary when you are wandering the aisles of Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us but then end up just taking up space in a closet somewhere. 

My girls came through in  a huge way. I got recommendations from EVERY friend I asked, even those who just gave birth within the month and were settling into their new and exciting life. One friend even provided me with an incredible spreadsheet which included the opinions of several of her mommy friends on popular and not so well known baby products. I loved getting all these great opinions from such a varied group of women... some who were brand new moms, some with kids of varying ages, and some grandmothers.

Armed with their fantastic advice, I came up with my own registry using http://www.myregistry.com/ (which is great because you can register at a wide range of stores and your registry is all centralized on one website).

Check out my  registry here and hopefully this can be useful to some of you in the future!

I will definitely be providing updates on products as we start to put them into use. I hope Lucy loves everything when she arrives!

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Gear up for Baby:

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  1. This is a great post Mandy!! You recieved so many fabulous gifts for Lucy at your shower, I can't wait to see it all set up in your home!!! xoxox

    1. Oh my gosh... i know! Lucy is already such a lucky girl!!!


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