April 4, 2012

Coffee (Table) Talk

As a non coffee drinker and a HUGE fan of bubbly, I prefer to call it a cocktail table, but regardless of what you name it, no living room is complete without one.

Patton and I have a fantastic wide padded bench upholstered in zebra fabric that I scooped up at Steinmart about 5 years ago for an astounding $80! I love it because it works as a table, an extra place for guests to sit, or, more often, we slide it directly against the couch and it is comfy enough and perfectly sized to make our couch into one HUGE chaise. And for some reason, I prefer sitting on it instead of the couch when I am playing Mario Kart Wii (fyi... I am shockingly good at Mario Kart). We've gotten tons of use out of it, and WAY more than our money's worth, but it's looking a little worse for the wear so a new one may be in order soon.

I also love the idea of a cluster of 2 or 3 smaller tables instead of one central cocktail table. This is especially useful and versatile for a smaller space. So I've taken some budget friendly coffee tables that I love from all around internetland and also found affordable, smaller versions of the same look that you can arrange and rearrange in a group.

Here are some budget friendly options, both large and small, I am entertaining:

Cala Hammered Coffee Table | World MarketSouthern Enterprises CK9166 Mirage Mirrored Cocktail TableFaceted Mirror Side Table

Get 'em here:

However, when I win the lottery, I am getting one of these:

(via Chevron / dreamsicle day)

Go ahead and order, Richie Rich:

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