April 25, 2012

Bunnies By the Bay

I had the incredible good fortune to work at a wonderful company called Bunnies By the Bay when Patton and I were living in beautiful Anacortes, Washington. If you aren't familiar with Bunnies, they make the most adorable and the absolute softest baby clothes and gifts I have ever seen.

Cuddle Coat
Rutabaga Bunny

The company has a truly amazing story and is made up of some of the sweetest, extremely creative and most unique people I will probably ever meet.

In addition to learning a ton about how a successful small business works, managing a retail store, working with a group of creative people to come up with terrific designs and having those designs manufactured, Bunnies By the Bay gave me something even more.

Buddy Blanket
Chaseball Blanket

I moved from my home in West Chester, PA all the way to a little island north of Seattle after I got married. I didn't know a single person there and my husband spent a lot of time travelling (he was a Naval aviator at the time and gone for months and months at a time).  The lovely folks at Bunnies gave me a great series of different jobs during my four years there (they even welcomed Goalie as a member of the team and he loved running around the beautiful old barn of a workshop on Fidalgo Bay). They made my life so much easier, less lonely, and more fun than it otherwise would have been living so far from family and friends. It meant so much more to me than I think any of my Bunny friends will ever know.

Bundle Set
Lulla Bug A Bye Binkie

I am so excited for Lucy to arrive and can't wait to get her all dolled up in adorable creations from Bunnies By the Bay, each of them made with lots of love and glad dreams.


Cuddle Toe Slippers

Next time you are in New York City stop by Bunnies By the Bay's "store within a store" at the legendary FAO Schwarz!

 Check out what the amazingly talented Bunnies are up to today

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  1. Hey Momma! Love this stuff! Sending greetings all the way from China!

    1. Thanks, Jeanne!!!! Have a great trip! miss ya!

  2. You are very sweet! Where do you get all the energy to take this on...I guess your gearing up for baby. So happy for you. Hey, we would love to send you a baby gift...send me your address and I will get it out pronto. You have my email.

  3. Wow this company looks amazing! you sold me and oh yea...it's my company. Give Goalie a sniff from Bee.

    1. "Bunnies" is amazing... you Jeanne and Krys should be so proud of what you created. i loved being a part of it.! Goalie wags hello to Bee!


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