April 19, 2012

Magic's in the Cards

So, about 7 years ago, I got this really cool deck of cards and became a little obsessed with them. Each card is a work of art in it's own right and I would flip through and look at the the amazing illustrations... each representative of a nursery rhyme of fairy tale.

Last year, I finally got around to finding a fun way to display them at home. Once we moved from our jewel box of a home in Dupont Circle to our more spacious condo in National Harbor, we finally had enough free wall space and I framed the deck and hung it on the wall in the study. My brother liked the deck so much, I framed one for him as well. 

Do you have any fun collections and how do you display them?

The Key To The Kingdom

Shopping Sources:
The Key to the Kingdom Transformation Deck and Book by Tony Meuwissen / Custom Frame
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  1. I love how you decided to display your deck of cards Mandy...very creative and so so pretty...Greg loves his too...!

    As you know..I collect and am quite obsessed with Sea Glass!! I now have a huge collection and have yet to find a fabulous way to display them...at present they are displayed in vases and bowls and bottles all over the shore house...:)


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