April 13, 2012

Toasted Bunny Pie

Peep's Bunnies

So, my neighborhood has a Peeps Store!!!! A whole store filled with peeps of every color and walls stuffed full of Mike & Ike's... it's like a sugary wonderland on the Potomac River. I decided to take advantage of this magical place and make a simple, cute and delicious dessert.

While I LOVE to cook, I am not much of a baker. I tend to think adding more butter or sugar is always an option, but anyone who bakes knows that it is a precise and exact art form. In general, I buy desserts from the experts at bakeries but here is a fun dessert that anyone can make. It's especially perfect at Easter,  however if you love s'mores you will want to enjoy this dessert year round. And it's a good one to make with the kiddies!

Toasted Bunny Pie

Prepare instant chocolate pudding per the instructions on the box and spoon it into each pie crust

Over medium heat, melt some Peep's Bunnies in a pan, removing from heat once the bunnies start to oooze
Place melted bunny over the pudding in the crust
Toast some more Peeps Bunnies (I used this kind of lighter)
Place crispy toasted bunny on top of the pie.

Make sure to crack the crust with your spoon so you get that genius combo of crunchy graham, smooth chocolate and gooey melted mallow in every bite!
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