April 16, 2012

Maternity Must Haves

Being pregnant is completely amazing and wonderful and strange and exciting and has moments of being awful. I've been extremely lucky and have had a very happy and very healthy pregnancy with lots of support from family, friends, coworkers and sometimes even really nice strangers in the metro who offer me their seat during a crowded commute.

This was my bump at 33 weeks. ------------------------------------------->
I am at 35 weeks now! Not too long til I get to see Lucy's face!

Here are some of my favorite maternity items that have made the few tough times a little bit easier and the happy times, that much happier.

For out and about:

Everyday Pocket Tunic | Dresses | Isabella OliverG by GUESS Matte Liquid Leggings3/4 Sleeve Maternity DressSleeveless Scoop Neck Embellished Maternity Tank TopLong Sleeve Cascade Maternity SweaterBe Maternity BeBand - Assorted Colors

Shopping Sources:

Black Pocket Tunic / Liquid Leggings / Ruched Dress / Ankle Booties (I've got these in black and brown) / Skinny Jeans / Sparkly Tank Top / Cascade CardiganMinnetonkas /  Coca Cola (I know caffeine is a no no, but I had to have half a can a day during my first trimester to ease my nausea and keep me awake at the office / Ciabatta Bread (to help keep down my prenatal vitamins) /  Belly Band / Afternoon Snack

For Lounging Around (I got to do a LOT of this during my pregnancy):

Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Maternity T ShirtWomens Cobra Ballet SlipperSleeveless Scoop Neck Side Ruched Maternity Tank TopBodymate® Body Pillow 

Shopping Sources:

Long Sleeve Maternity Tees / Yoga Pants / Ballet Slippers / Tank Tops / Phish Food / Friday Night Lights / Body Pillows (I strategically position 2 or 3 around me to stay comfortable) / Fuzzy Throw / Ice Water (I drink tons of it all day and night)

For Taking Extra Care of Yourself:
 Relache Spa Lobby

Shopping Sources:
Maternity Massages and Spa Days (my brother spoiled me with an amazing gift certificate to the Relache Spa at the Gaylord Hotel)/ Cocoa Butter (for the ever stretching tummy and nightly foot rubs from my hubby) / Macadamia Oil (makes shiny pregnancy hair even more lustrous
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  1. Mandy, you look GREAT in that picture. I love that you are still wearing fantastic heels 33 weeks into your pregnancy, that's my girl!

    1. muchas gracias!! You will be the same way someday!

  2. Mandy I loved seeing you through every phase of your very stylish pregnacy..I am so proud of you Sweetie...and I CANNOT wait to see Lucy!!! xoxox

    1. Well, thanks for all the adorable maternity clothes, Momma! Only a few more weeks til Lucy gets here!!


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