April 5, 2012

Lucky Lucy

My little girl already has soooo many wonderful people who love her!  Last weekend, my amazing Mom's three terrific friends threw me a fantastic baby shower. 

It was such a fun afternoon and I was so touched that so many people are happy and excited to meet my baby girl when she arrives. I feel so lucky and loved and am hoping Lucy feels the same way from the minute she is born.

To all the ladies who attended (and to the men who spent the afternoon with my hubby at Duffer's), thanks for all the amazing gifts and for celebrating with me.

A special thanks to Kathy, Mrs. Fisher and Aunt Rosemary for being such wonderful and generous women and amazing party planners! And, of course, to my Mom, who is the sweetest, most loving person I will ever know. 

Here's just a sampling of some of the fabulous gifts we received... this doesn't even touch on the stroller, swing, pack and play, exersaucer, high chair, bouncy seat, baby bath, car seat, etc. etc. etc. etc!!!! that Patton and I'll be putting together in the coming weeks.

How lucky is Lucy?


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  1. Lucky Lucy is correct!!! She is going to be The Harbor Princess !! Beautiful and Stylish just like her Mommy!!! Can't wait for her to arrive!! I love you Mandy!!

  2. Wish I could have been there! Love all of her new threads and your new bags too. Lots of love to little Lucy!

  3. OMG my big question is what is she wearing home from the hospital?

    1. I know... such a hard choice! We are going to have to change her outifts 10 times a day so she can wear all the tiny stuff before she grows out of it!


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