April 23, 2012

Push Present

Rachel Zoe

As if having a beautiful new baby isn't enough of a gift, lots of us spoiled Momma's today get a push present. I have friends who have gotten expensive watches, diamond tennis bracelets... even know someone who got a new Mercedes.

tennis bracelet diamond

Aside from finally getting to hold Lucy in my arms, there is one thing I have been obsessing over for the past 37 weeks. So much so that I have thoroughly coached Patton so he knows exactly what I want and will be able to deliver it to me in the hospital bed within an hour or so of giving birth in just a couple more weeks.

The PERFECT Salami Sandwich!

I have been dying for one since late August and I am just a dozen or so days away from finally getting it.

After taking a (medicated!!!) childbirth class a few months ago,  Patton and I took a little research trip to the Whole Foods next to the hospital where we are having Lucy and I pointed out the type of rye bread I want with yellow mustard (spread coast to coast... a sandwich must for me), american cheese and a great big heap of salami. 

A sweet little baby girl to love and a delicious sandwich from my gorgeous husband... sounds like HEAVEN!

What did you get for your push present?
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